About Me

I have always loved words and humor and found out that when I write people seem to enjoy it. I wanted to be the next Ray Orrock. He was the humor columnist in the local paper here in the east bay of California. He had a way with words and would make me laugh daily. He even printed a few of my ideas in his column, giving me credit, I guess I will see if I can make you smile here. If you are looking for credentials (apart from the numerous college degrees I possess) I am considered by my friends to be darn funny on the Facebook comment circuit. I have also been getting requests for my family Christmas letter! Do you hear me? Requests! And, even if I do have to toot my own horn, my responses to e-mails have been passed from classroom to classroom all across this great land (well the great land that happens to be in our school and most of the playground).

My ultimate goal is to a) be discovered as a comedic genius and offered millions to write a series of childrens' books, have my life story made into a movie (John Goodman will play me) and b) to buy a really delicious pineapple shake!