Thursday, January 5, 2012

The New Toy!

We got a new toy for the baby we are watching.
 It's a dump truck with power tools on the sides and top.
 There is a driver, a circle, a square, a triangle, and a hexagon.
 The shapes all go inside the holes on the truck.  The truck makes sounds when the shapes go in.
 The driver is dressed rather sharply...complete with a tie and a hard hat.
 The circle has a secret...
Surprise!!  It is really a bird!
 The square...wait for it...
 becomes an elephant!
 The triangle...
is really a fish!
Try not to think about why a dump truck is carrying animals.  Also, don't wonder about why there are power tools on a dump truck that is hauling animals.  It will only give you a headache and you will not have a good day.

Now then...There is a hexagon.

It has a head and two arms...

  Two legs...and what the heck is that!?

Ok, so it is probably supposed to be a turtle...but turtle isn't funny!

It's nice to have a funny family who practically writes my blog for me.  Thanks Jake!

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